About Samakazi

We can only rely on change.

If we took notice, we’d be shown this a million times a day.

Our very being is revised over and over again in an endless cellular re-scripting and in this revision of who we are there is a silent invitation to re-form ourselves into better ways of knowing and being in relation to others.

Samakazi is an evolving space dedicated to re-learning; to meeting our experience with new eyes and moving to other spaces.

This is place to explore ideas that are ecologically, aesthetically and ethically rooted in finding better ways.

I don’t have diabetes but I write about it, I’m a nurse but don’t speak like one, I tell stories from my childhood and then erase or revise them, sometimes moments will appear and disappear without notice or reason.

The moments are always real, but seem fiction as soon as they are done. They live here, in a third space, in the telling.

Samakazi offers no rational linear purpose; only a place for reflexive authorship.


It’s true I am a diabetes clinical specialist and mum and friend of PWD.  I do not however offer medical or managment advice through this blog. I offer my own experience.  I offer a place of fusion. 

Please seek advice from you care team if your struggling with anything.